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Goat Meat & Mutton READY NOW!

Kid and mature Goat meat from our Boer goats and Boer crosses.

Also Lamb and Mutton from our Soay x Wiltshire Horn sheep

All reared FREE RANGE on our smallholding and taken to a local butcher to reduce transport stress

Frozen meat READY NOW! 

0.4 - 2.0KG (bone in) joints; Shoulder / Neck / Shank £6.50/Kg, Leg £8.50/kg

Minced (standard) / Ground (coarse) Shoulder 400g / Diced Leg 350g £3.50 per pack or 3 for £10

Boneless leg steaks £12/kg, Boneless loin fillet £15/kg

Fresh meat to ORDER

 1/2 Lamb or 1/2 Goat kid (appx 7.5KG), ready May 2016 - £7.50 / KG  

Thinking of Keeping Goats?

Wethers (castrated males) are ideal pets as they are cheap to keep, do not come into season / require breeding or milking and they can be very friendly.

Does (or Nanny goats) - are ideal if you wish to breed and milk your goats.

If you require goats milk then you need to breed your Nanny goat before you get milk from her, you cannot milk her for human consumption for 4 days as she will be producing colostrum, so let the kids suckle, then you need to find homes for the kids... (preferably find homes for the kids BEFORE you breed). You will then need to breed her every 1-2 years when she stops producing milk. A goat will come into season every 3 weeks during the breeding season (usually November - February) you will need to find (and pay for) a billy goat, (around £20-£30 for a 'service'). A goat is pregnant for 150 days (5 months), so every 2 years you may be waiting 6 months with no milk... then you will have kids to find homes for.

You may have a Doe kid that you want to keep or you may be planning to rear the male kids for meat. You can either take the kids away from mum at 4 days old and bottle feed them, or take the kids away from mum each night, milk mum in the morning and then leave the kids with her during the day to suckle.

You can walk your goat(s) on a lead and collar, they will love browsing the hedgerows around your land for tasty snacks! They are very friendly and can be brushed and petted like a big dog!

Goat manure makes great compost and can be sold to gardeners or used at home.

Goats need a minimum shelter size of 6' x 4' for one goat, 8' x 4' for 2 goats. A garden shed is ideal. They like to sleep off the ground so a pallet / bench in the house is favourable.

Feeding - wethers require very little 'hard feed', a mug full of goat mix twice a day will help them bond with you and come when called! They do however require free access to 'forage' (fibre feed), this needs to be good quality horse hay but they like the weedy bales (you may get a discount if you ask for weedy bales!), they clear up what the horses leave!

The best bedding material is straw, if you can get oat or barley straw they will also eat this so keep it nice and thick! In the winter I put shavings down before the straw and deep litter the house by topping up with fresh straw weekly (or as required)

Water must be fresh and ideally kept where the goat cannot mess in it, they will not drink dirty - or frozen - water!

Goats are 'browsers' rather than 'grazers' which means that they prefer longer, coarser grasses also shrubs, hedges, nettles, thistles, docks, brambles, saplings and tree bark. They will not mow a lawn short! They are usefull for maintaining scrub land where you can't get the mower also for rotating with sheep / cows / horses as they will eat what the grazers leave behind. They can be tethered if they are introduced to this at an early age but it is preferable to fence them in.

Ideally they would have some hardstanding (concrete) for when it is wet, they do not like having wet feet but don't mind the snow! Playground equipment is also appreciated - they love to climb and jump so a tree trunk, tractor tyre, pallet, or make your own 'goat bridge'! 

Fencing can be mesh, multi strand wire, or post and rail. If less than 5' high then put an extra wire up to increase the height. Ideally you would also put 3 strands of electric fence up in front of any boundary fence to stop them leaning on the wire / mesh and breaking it or trying to jump onto the post and rail rence.

Worming needs to be done every 6-8 weeks whilst they are turned out to grass (spring - autumn).

Feet trimming needs to be done every 4-6 weeks, you will need to buy your own foot trimmers and learn how to do this or call in a professional (ask the breeder for details). We can show you how to trim and supply foot trimmers. 

Boer Goats FOR SALE 2012

Kids are ready to go at weaning which is 8 weeks old.

2 x 93.75% Boer Wethers (castrated males), by Rhodi and out of our Freya

Picture is of mum, dad and kids

born 29th March 2011, Suitable as pets / harness goats or to rear for meat

£200 for the pair

2012 Availability

We will have Female and Male kids available For Sale in 2012

50 - 100% Females will be registered with the BBGS, £150 - £350

100% Entire Males will be registered with the BBGS, £250 - £400

50 - 93.75% Entire Males are available TO ORDER, they are not eligable for registration. £150 - £250

50 - 93.75% Wethers (Neutered Males) are not eligable for registration. £100 - £200

We occasionally sell surplus kids of 50% and above for other breeders so please ask if you can't see what you are looking for.

Delivery possible

Goat 'starter kits' available - along with a foot trimming / basic care lesson if required

Please obtain a CPH Number and Goat Herd Number from Animal Health 01284 778150, BEFORE visiting.


Goat Meat

We occassionally have goat meat for sale, direct from the butcher. Please ask for details.

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